Wandering Methods 2013 featurette

Wandering Methods is a craft project that takes its time. Artists Maeve Clancy and Liz Nilsson have been working with a group in Rathfarnham Castle. Together, the group has been slowly learning new craft skills in depth, exploring different approaches and investing the time that is needed to make something beautiful for the Bealtaine festival. We have asked the participants to look to the things that they keep in their own lives, the things that hold a memory or mean something way beyond what an outsider could see. Through craft, the group are hoping to show those hidden meanings, to make what is secret into something that people can see and respond to when a public exhibition of the work opens in Rathfarnham Castle from May 16.

Music: “Window #3″ by Two Bicycles (freemusicarchive.org/music/Two_Bicycles/Beko_Crash_Symbols_1/07_Window_3)

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