Over the years I’ve picked up a few skills in the field of filming and editing video and on occasion I have been asked to pass these skills on to others. I enjoy it, and those envolved seem to enjoy it too.

The broad term I would use to describe the teaching/learning sessions would be video workshops, however each time I take on one of these projects it is always different to the last.

I suppose the main reason for this is there are many aspects to video and it has taken me quite a while to learn the skills that I have. It would be impossible to pass all the tips, tricks and techniques on in one go, so before taking on a workshop I sit down and discuss what are the outcomes we are looking to achieve. This can be as simple as wanting to be able to pick up a camera and use it, or as detailed as learning the filmmaking process from first draft of the script to the last draft of the edit.

Below are a couple of examples of the workshops I have completed in the past to give an idea of what can be expected.

Age & Opportunity – Two Day Group Training in high quality interview techniques.

Walk with Me – Eight Week Film Making Course (One 2hr class per week)

Dublin Youth Theatre – Three Day workshop, Filmmaking

Dublin Youth Theatre – Two Day workshop, Video in Theatre

City and Guilds Accredited Eight Week Filmmaking Course (One 3hr class per week)

City and Guilds Accredited One Week Intensive Filmmaking Course (Secondary School Students)