Forest Fringe Microfestival

Established in Edinburgh in 2007 as a space for experimentation, generosity and adventure, Forest Fringe has built a strong reputation as a not-for-profit, artist lead organisation and their yearly Edinburgh Festival venue is renowned internationally.
In 2010 Forest Fringe began organising Microfestivals, taking the model for their work to other places in order to build relationships and broaden the engagement with artistic communities and audiences. Dublin is the second international city to host a Forest Fringe Microfestival. Forest Fringe came to Dublin as part of The Lir Presents… programme, in which a partnership with the British Council brings exciting UK performers to The Lir to engage with students and wider audiences. It also forms part of Dublin Fringe Festival’s year round engagement with Irish artists. The microfestival in Dublin comprised a unique programme of activities with exciting new, current and revived work from both Irish and international artists.

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